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Kirby Muxloe Children's Day Nursery Leicestershire

Kirby Muxloe Day Nursery Leicestershire

What do our parents say about Kirby Muxloe Day Nursery 

Strong, open relationships with parents and children are vital for our continued success. We are delighted that our parents and children speak so highly of their experiences of Kirby Muxloe Day Nursery.




My child attends Kirby Muxloe Day Nursery nursery every day and I leave her knowing she is cared for in a loving and safe environment.


The staff are all happy and friendly and have always supported the routines that I follow at home.


Although only six months old, my baby has learned so much in the baby room and the staff keep me fully informed of her developments. Sarah Tame


Parents & children love Kirby Muxloe Day Nursery

Parent reviews of Kirby Muxloe Day Nursery


What does Ofsted say about Kirby Muxloe Day Nursery?



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