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Kirby Muxloe Day Nursery Leicestershire

Kirby Muxloe Day Nursery Leicestershire

Explore our truly unique learning opportunities for babies & children 

At Kirby Muxloe Day Nursery, we offer a rich and varied range of activities across all our age groups that are specifically designed to be fun, interactive and confidence building. 

Our child & baby friendly activities include painting, cooking, singing, story-time, messy play, dressing up and role play.  In addition, Kirby Muxloe Day Nursery is delighted to offer children and babies a variety of extra learning opportunities, unique to our nursery, these include:


Our Organic Kitchen Garden

Our children have access to growing areas within the garden where they grow their own vegetables and flowers.  Our growing areas provide the children with a fantastic opportunity to learn about healthy and delicious food; by understanding how fruit and vegetables grow, what they look and feel like, and how they taste. 


Explore the great outdoors 

Our wonderfully large outdoor space consists of a large paved and grassy garden with a nature area positioned at the bottom of the garden.  The outdoor areas are fully equipped with age-appropriate play equipment, such as bikes, hoops, slides and a play house, and we have a separate, secure play area for our babies to explore, which consists of a smaller slide, bikes and soft cushioned areas for the non-walkers.


Kirby Muxloe Day Nursery Leicestershire


The nature area consists of a bug hotel - the children enjoy using magnifying glasses to see what bugs are staying there! We also have binoculars for the children to inspect the trees and look for birds and squirrels.


Nursery outings

We like to take the children for trips to the local park or to feed the ducks. We also plan trips for our pre-school children to visit the ruins at Kirby Castle. 


Un, Deux, Trois

All of our pre-school children have access to weekly French lessons, taught by a qualified French teacher. 


Kirby Muxloe Day Nursery Leicestershire


Music and movement sessions for early years

We provide regular opportunities for all our children to enjoy music and movement sessions, which are specifically designed to encourage self expression, build confidence and increase activity levels in children.


Extra curricular activities are designed to be fun and interactive, as well as providing structure and opportunities for self expression into the children's daily routine.





The care given at Kirby Nursery is second to none. The staff  genuinely care about the children and have a common sense approach to the care they provide.  

We are always very impressed with how much the staff do above and beyond what would be deemed acceptable. Picnics, treasure hunts, planting seeds, fancy dress days to mention a few.

The environment is warm, welcoming and homely and we really feel it’s been a tremendous start and has helped our son grow socially and emotionally. 

Clare and Drew


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Kirby Muxloe Day Nursery Leicestershire


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