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“Too Much Too Soon” Campaign.



The "too much too soon campagin" addresses the issue: what is the best age to start formal teaching of literacy & numeracy?  


The campaign has been initiated by the Early Years Education Group and Save Childhood Movement in response to the political agenda that will see an ever-earlier start to formal learning. One example of the potential changes this policy may introduce, is schools being allowed to take children from the age of 2.


The members and supporters of the Save Childhood Movement Early Years Education (EYE) Group are deeply concerned about the impact of the government’s early years policies on the health and well-being of our youngest children. The early years of life are when children establish the values and mindsets that underpin their sense of self, their attitude to later learning, and their communicative skills and natural creativity.



New government leglistation could see early testing in numeracy and phonics for pre-school children, and a reduction in learning through play, at nurseries across the UK.


We are seeing this evidenced during Ofsted inspections around the country with inspectors basing much of their judgements on the educational development of the child and looking for teacher-led activities.


This will be compounded further when new nursery teaching and nursery nurse qualifications will no longer have an aspect of their training that covers “learning through play”.


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This flies in the face of research which consistently shows young children learn best when they learn through play that is supported and based on their interests.


At Kirby Muxloe Day Nursery, we are ensuring that we stay true to our own ethos that “learning through play stimulates natural development in pre-school children”.  As parents of children who are likely to be affected by this legislation we are drawing your attention to this campaign in order for you to have your say - whether you agree with it or not!


The 'too much too soon' campaign has five objectives, to:

1) re-establish the early years as a unique stage in its own right and not merely a preparation for school
2) protect young children's natural developmental rights
3) prevent baseline testing
4) reinstate the vital role of play 
5) call for an English developmentally appropriate Foundation Stage for children between the ages of 3 and 7 (until the end of Key Stage 1


Whatever the final outcome, Kirby Muxloe Day Nursery will continue to put the children first and work with you to get the best possible early start for your child.


If you want to know more about the campaign you can find more information and sign the petition here.